Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain an estimate?2019-07-11T16:47:19+01:00

You may obtain an estimate via the following methods: Browse our website, which will include estimates of our most common designs. (You will need to contact us to obtain a shipping estimate, if needed) Call us at 704-821-6051 to speak with one of our helpful specialists. Email us at info@ssbuild.com. Please provide a description of what you are looking for (a sketch or picture would be ideal), as well as your hardware finish preference, glass thickness preference, contact information and zip code. Fax us at 704.821.6054. Please provide a description of what you are looking for (a sketch or picture would be ideal), as well as your hardware finish preference, glass thickness preference, contact information and zip code.

Are there standard sizes for Frameless Doors?2019-08-08T20:26:29+01:00

All of our frameless enclosures are custom made to order. Therefore, there are not any standard sizes. There are only average sizes that are commonly chosen. We can fabricate the order to any size you need, as long as the manufacturer limitations have not been exceeded. There are standard sizes for framed and semi-frameless enclosures. You are able to save money by choosing one of the standard sizes.

Can the shower door glass be trimmed?2019-07-11T16:46:27+01:00

No. Once the glass has been tempered, it cannot be altered in any way.

Can your shower doors be installed on Fiberglass shower units?2019-07-11T16:46:02+01:00

Yes, but it is best if you back up the fiberglass with some wood support. If that is not possible, then you can use a header across the top and pivots, instead of hinges. This keeps the weight of the door off the walls, or you can use a slider enclosure.

Do I have to drill the holes in the glass myself?2019-07-11T16:45:34+01:00

No. The holes and notches all have to be drilled and cut before the glass is tempered. Our manufacturer uses the latest CNC diamond sawing, drilling and edging machines.

Do you have a store or a showroom in my area?2019-08-08T20:27:31+01:00

One of the reasons we are able to offer such incredibly low prices is by minimizing our overhead expense of showrooms, and relying on our website. We do have a small showroom at our facility in Matthews, NC.

Do you install in my area?2019-08-08T20:29:23+01:00

We provide our installation services to several locations in North & South Carolina in the Charlotte Metro area. If you are located outside the areas that we service, there are a number of contractors throughout the country that we would be glad to refer you to.

Do you sell the shower walls or inserts?2019-08-08T20:36:53+01:00

We do not sell the shower walls or inserts.

Do you ship to my area, and what does shipping cost?2019-08-08T20:38:40+01:00

No. We install most of our products locally, but you are welcome to call us. We can check the freight costs for you.

How are the enclosures engineered?2019-08-08T20:39:47+01:00

We are required to submit all designs to our hardware suppliers’ CAD program. This insures that every enclosure is manufactured to the highest standards.

How long does it take to receive my items after I place the order?2019-08-08T20:41:29+01:00

Once deposit is received, your order will be installed in 10-12 business days.

Should I use 1/4” or 3/8” glass?2019-08-08T20:44:45+01:00

The majority of frameless shower doors are made from 3/8″ glass and it is the thickness that we recommend you use. However, ¼” is generally used for semi-frameless applications with perimeter metal.

What stops the door in the closed position?2019-08-08T20:56:11+01:00

The door hinges are designed to swing the door 180 degrees. If the door is open more than about 20 degrees it stays open. A vinyl strike is applied to prevent the door from swinging into the shower and to seal the gap between the door and the panel.

What is the Ordering Process?2019-08-08T20:52:05+01:00

Contact the Sales Department at 704-821-6051 to discuss your project. We may ask you to send a photograph, dimensions, and contact information. A Quote will be emailed to you for your review and acceptance. Upon acceptance of Quote, a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required to order materials. All Quotes are valid for 60 days. An Email response received is the same as a signature for accepting Quote. Visa, MasterCard, & Discover credit card are accepted. Upon installation, the credit card used for the deposit will be charged for the balance remaining, unless other payment arrangements are made prior to installation. ACH payments are also accepted for deposit & final payment. An invoice will be emailed to you if you choose this payment method. Once deposit is received, installation will be scheduled in 10-12 business days. A One-year warranty on parts and labor goes into effect with final payment.

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